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Is Taranaki the new Texas?


live mag cover 2013

Local magazine ‘Live’ has published part two of their story on drilling in Taranaki.

“With over 200 new wells planned throughout Taranaki over the next few years, the face of Taranaki is changing. What will the region look like in ten years time? Proponents of the oil and gas industry want to step things up even more, environmentalists are urging caution, while local residents near the exploration and drilling sites are dealing with the reality of life in the midst of an oil and gas boom.” Click on the photo to read the full article. Click here to read Part one.

Media Headlines (16-30 April 2013)


Environmentalists call foul over ‘draconian’ new law  (Otago Daily TImes, 18 April)

Europe’s climate chief vows to fight on to save emission trading scheme (Guardian, 17 April)

Media Headlines (1-15 April 2013)


Taranaki council says getting tougher on drilling waste  (Radio NZ, 15 April)

Deep seas law ‘a sledgehammer’  (NZ Herald, 9 April)

CSG company suspends NSW operation (ABC News, 2 April)

GAS LEAK!  ABC Four Corners program (2 April) – must watch!