Media Highlights 1-15 Dec 2012

Fracking ‘could create 7000 jobs‘ (Stuff, 14 Dec)

Study of Economic Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing released (NZPAM, 14 Dec)

Tararua fracking applications ‘inevitable’ (Manawatu, 12 Dec)

Block Offer 2012 – Ten permits awarded (NZPAM, 11 Dec)

What the frack? A brief overview of hydraulic fracturing (NZ Herald, 10 Dec)

NCWNZ calls for action to ensure Fracking safety (Scoop, 7 Dec)

Review of UT Fracking Study finds failure to disclose conflict of interest (State Impact, 6 Dec)

Fracking issues could ‘fall through the gaps’, PCE (NZ Herald, 5 Dec) – included a live chat

Petrobras pulls out of NZ oil drilling (3 News, 4 Dec)

Why UN Climate Agreements Fail (ZNET, 3 Dec)


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