MEDIA RELEASE: Support for Greenpeace Petition to Parliament

“Climate Justice Taranaki welcome Greenpeace’s petition to parliament today (July 24) to ‘permanently STOP ALL plans to open up NZ’s coastal waters to offshore oil drilling and STOP ANY expansion of coal mining’.”

“Taranaki receives some benefits from the fossil fuel industry but we have also suffered four oil spills, well and pipe blowouts, polluted rivers, possible contamination from fracking and several deaths from accidents. The industry is rapidly expanding but there is not enough protection for our communities.”

“We commend GreenpeaceNZ and all the other community groups who have worked for years informing the public of the serious threats of continued and now more dangerous oil and gas exploration.”

“The government’s short-sighted plans to “save” our economy from bankruptcy by plundering future generations’ natural resources is helping push the planet to the brink of unstoppable climate chaos. The hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who signed today’s petition are making it clear that we need to create a sustainable economy for our communities now.”

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