News Headlines (16-31 May 2012)

Fracking: Economic Boom or Environmental Bust  (Winter 2012, LIVE magazine, New Plymouth, NZ)

Solid Energy finds mini Maui  (May 31, NZ Taranaki) – re Coal Seam Gas development in Taranaki

Bubbling river blamed on gas  (May 30, Australia) – Very relevant in NZ as coal seam gas development proceeds

Show us your fracking facts  (May 29, NZ)

Facts, fracks and community action (May 29, NZ)  – Great article, please read!

Challenging the oil giants  (May 28, NZ East Coast)

Apache ‘should have known gas blast risk’  (May 24, Australia) – Note Apache is pushing to drill on the East Coast with Tag Oil

Generators shift focus from water to wind (May 24, NZ South Island)

How rural America got fracked  (May 23, USA) – Re mining for Frac-sand

Government backtracks on fracking  (May 20, UK) – Please read re fracking bubble!

Keen to earn ‘social licence’  (May 19, NZ East Coast)

We’re putting our foot down  (May 19, NZ) – Re climate change, consumption and species extinction

Golden Bay is urged to go fracking-free  (May 18, NZ)

Greens put heat on TRC over fracking  (May 18, NZ Taranaki)

Vermont first state to ban fracking  (May 17, USA)

Britain is rising to the challenge of greening our economy  (May 16, UK)


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