News Headlines (1-16 May 2012)

STDC councillor sounds alarm (May 16, NZ Whanganui)

Hapu says it won’t accept fracking in rohe (May 16, NZ Whanganui)

We need to be greener Fed Farmers (May 16, NZ Whanganui)

Drilling plans destroy lifestyle dream  (May 16, NZ Taranaki)

Gas pipeline cannot be breakproof (May 15, NZ Taranaki)

Tag Oil drilling plan set for fight (May 14, NZ Taranaki)

Oil industry needs to face facts  (May 10, NZ) – Must read!

Game over for the climate  (May 9, Canada)

Solar is Europe’s most installed power source, Lobby says  (May 9, Europe)

It’s time for the truth about drilling (May 8, NZ) – Post your comments!

NZ Plans crumbling (May 7, NZ) – Re Anadarko’s plans in Taranaki & Canterbury, also NZOC & OMV

Fracking: A dehydrated UK, watered only by captalism (May 7, UK)

Protest against fracking and deep sea oil drilling  (May 7, NZ Wellington)

Asset sales hikoi marches on parliament (May 4, NZ Wellington)

Taranaki base for southern search  (May 4, NZ Taranaki & Great South Basin)

District shuns fracking (May 1, NZ Kaikoura)

New study predicts frack fluids can migrate to aquifers within years   (May 1, USA)

NZOG may take bigger stake in Kaheru  (May 1, NZ Taranaki)

Fracking company Tag Oil buys land in Taranaki  (May 1, NZ)

Risks of onshore oil catastrophe  (May 1, NZ)  – Read this!

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