MEDIA RELEASE: Coal Seam Gas Nightmare


“Do we really want Eastern Taranaki to turn into an industrial wasteland?” asks Climate Justice Taranaki spokesperson Teresa Goodin in response to Solid Energy’s announcement to focus on coal seam gas in Taranaki.

The state owned enterprise (SOE) announced yesterday they are applying to New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals for a five-year extension of its permits in eastern Taranaki to allow their coal seam gas project to move to an appraisal/discovery phase.

“Solid Energy’s announcement is particularly ironic, because just a few weeks ago at a screening of the documentary ‘Gasrush’ in New Plymouth about the Australian CSG industry, we had guys from the oil and gas industry there telling the audience afterwards that the documentary wasn’t relevant in Taranaki because it is mostly about CSG. Well, that documentary and the situation in Australia has become very relevant now, and I think it’s time for farmers and landowners in the back blocks of Eastern Taranaki to look into this issue, because you don’t have to dig too far to find how CSG has affected the farmers and the environment in Aussie. I would expect organisations like Federated Farmers and the Taranaki Rural Support Trust to investigate this issue and assess the potential impacts on their members and the future of food production in our region” said Ms Goodin. Read the rest of this entry »

Serious Concerns over Flaring and Council’s Consenting Procedures


On 25 May 2012, Sarah Roberts and David Morrison (affected land owner) and Michael Self (South Taranaki District Councilor) jointly wrote to Taranaki Regional Council (TRC). They expressed their serious concerns over:

1) the alleged illegal flaring at Cheal, Copper Moki and Radnor wellsites

2) pollution of Ngaere Stream

3) TRC issuance of discharge consents prior to approvals by district councils of landuse consents, thereby lacking references to the detailed nature and quantity of hazardous substances involved

4) TRC’s inadequate compliance monitoring (see Review of monitoring reports by Roberts)

Roberts, Morrison and Self are seeking answers from TRC.  Download their letter here. We at CTJ also demand answers to such serious concerns.

News Headlines (16-31 May 2012)


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Vermont first state to ban fracking  (May 17, USA)

Britain is rising to the challenge of greening our economy  (May 16, UK)

News Headlines (1-16 May 2012)


STDC councillor sounds alarm (May 16, NZ Whanganui)

Hapu says it won’t accept fracking in rohe (May 16, NZ Whanganui)

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Fracking: A dehydrated UK, watered only by captalism (May 7, UK)

Protest against fracking and deep sea oil drilling  (May 7, NZ Wellington)

Asset sales hikoi marches on parliament (May 4, NZ Wellington)

Taranaki base for southern search  (May 4, NZ Taranaki & Great South Basin)

District shuns fracking (May 1, NZ Kaikoura)

New study predicts frack fluids can migrate to aquifers within years   (May 1, USA)

NZOG may take bigger stake in Kaheru  (May 1, NZ Taranaki)

Fracking company Tag Oil buys land in Taranaki  (May 1, NZ)

Risks of onshore oil catastrophe  (May 1, NZ)  – Read this!