News Headlines (16-30 April 2012)


Councils kept in dark over oil well plans  (April 30, NZ Wellington)

Thousands join Queens Street hikoi  (April 28, NZ)

$65,000 to woo oil industry  (April 26, NZ)

Agency plea over climate warning  (April 25, UK / Intn’)

Consent given for fracking  (April 25, NZ)

Power project tipped for Taranaki  (April 23, NZ)

Pressure builds on the use of fracking  (April 21, NZ)

It’s not the Gas, it’s the People  (April 20, NZ)

Hawke’s Bay fights fracking  (April 20, TV NZ)

Board changes frack-free plan  (April 19, NZ)

Fracking stand-off  (April 18, NZ)

Spectacular increase in human-made quakes  (April 18, USA)

Controversial fracking method trialed in Huntley  (April 17, NZ)

Gas ‘fracking’ get green light  (April 17, UK)

News Headlines (1-15 April 2012)


Q & A: Boosting oil and gas exploration  (April 15, TVNZ) – Watch this Q & A with Minister Phil Heatley!

Arctic oil rush will ruin ecosystem, warns Lloyd’s of London  (April 12, UK)

Frack-free Christchurch leads the way  (April 12, NZ)

Council will give fracking go-ahead  (April 8, NZ)

Deep-sea drilling: the oil rush is on  (April 7, NZ)  – Read this!

Nasa scientist: climate change is a moral issue on a par with slavery  (April 6, UK)

Rena debris washes ashore (April 5, NZ)

Polarcus starts Taranaki shoot  (April 4, NZ)

Petrobras now being drawn into the $11 billion Chevron case (April 3, Brazil)

Probe should yield clarity on fracking  (April 3, NZ)