News Headlines (1-10 March, 2012)

Heatley to tout NZ at world energy forum  (March 10, NZ)

ODNR: Injection well caused Youngstown quakes  (March 9, USA)

Guns out for frack report  (March 9, NZ)

Fracking planned for Taranaki  (March 8, NZ)

Study suggests hydrofracking is killing farm animals, pets  (March 7, USA) – must read!

Fracking opposition uninformed, say council staff  (March 6, NZ)

National coal seam gas agreement an important step to water protection  (March 5, Australia)

Time to move on? It’s time for some facts  (March 5, NZ) – must read!

Coal exporter in for long haul  (March 5, NZ)

Hunt for oil, gas set to intensify  (March 3, NZ)

Personal attacks under fire  (March 2, NZ)

Fracking opponents urge moratorium (March 1, NZ)


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