MEDIA RELEASE: Fracking inquiry welcomed, moratorium now


Climate Justice Taranaki (CJT)  is delighted that the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright, is launching an official investigation into the environmental impacts of fracking. “We hope the inquiry will use independent research not that from the petroleum industry and their contractors. A country-wide moratorium however needs to be put in place now until the Commissioner’s report is tabled later this year,” says member of Climate Justice Taranaki, Teresa Goodin. Read the rest of this entry »

News Headlines (21-31 March 2012)


Hauled over the coals of protest  (March 31, NZ)

Elgin leak poses massive challenge (March 30, UK)

Taranaki hapu calls for fracking moratorium  (March 29, NZ)

Federated Farmers welcomes an official inquiry into fracking (March 29, NZ)

Fracking  (March 29, Radio NZ) – please listen!

Oil, gas probe raises hope (March 29, NZ)

Official raps fracking critics after sponsored trip  (March 25, NZ)

No moratorium on govt agenda  (March 23, NZ)

Oil protest petition gathers support  (March 23, NZ)

Teams work to salvage more Rena debris (March 23, NZ)

Tiny doses of gas drilling chemicals can have big health effects  (March 21, USA)

Meeting airs fracking fears  (March 21, NZ)

MEDIA RELEASE: The tide is turning – Frack Free Communities springing up


The public is fast awakening to just how risky and damaging fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and the discharge of fracking associated wastes is to our land, water, human and animal health. They want fracking out! Read the rest of this entry »

News Headlines (11-20 March, 2012)


Oil exploration worries many  (March 20, NZ) – With opinion poll

Fracking Fight: Activists cry foul on the EPA’s Dimock water test announcement  (March 20, USA)

Fracking: The Deeper You Dig, The Darker it Gets (March 19, NZ) First coverage on health impacts in NZ -please read!

Fracking could pose health threat  (March 19, UK)

Green Party calls for fracking moratorium – video  (March 19, NZ 3 News)

Fracking Ideas (March 18, NZ Radio) Must listen and to the end!

60 Minutes – Meet the Frackers (March 18, NZ TV3) – Must watch!

Brazil to charge Chevron executives over fresh oil leak (March 18, Brazil)

Cracks show in Fracks  (March 17, NZ) Must read!

Groundwater pollution confined to Kapuni wells  (March 17, NZ)

Energy goals no myth  (March 17, NZ)

High interest not key to fracking decision  (March 16, NZ)

Carbon emissions hit a new record (March 14, Australia)

DCC calls for data on fracking  (March 13, NZ)

Fracking danger awareness above Laws  (March 12, NZ)

TRC boss denies claims of conflict  (March 12, NZ)

CJT supports Call for Fracking Moratorium and Inquiry


Climate Justice Taranaki fully supports the Roberts-Morrison family’s recent call for an immediate moratorium on fracking and an urgent, independent inquiry into the processes involved (resource consenting, implementation and monitoring).

On Feb 29, Sarah Roberts and David Morrison organized a public meeting in Stratford.  Read the rest of this entry »

News Headlines (1-10 March, 2012)


Heatley to tout NZ at world energy forum  (March 10, NZ)

ODNR: Injection well caused Youngstown quakes  (March 9, USA)

Guns out for frack report  (March 9, NZ)

Fracking planned for Taranaki  (March 8, NZ)

Study suggests hydrofracking is killing farm animals, pets  (March 7, USA) – must read!

Fracking opposition uninformed, say council staff  (March 6, NZ)

National coal seam gas agreement an important step to water protection  (March 5, Australia)

Time to move on? It’s time for some facts  (March 5, NZ) – must read!

Coal exporter in for long haul  (March 5, NZ)

Hunt for oil, gas set to intensify  (March 3, NZ)

Personal attacks under fire  (March 2, NZ)

Fracking opponents urge moratorium (March 1, NZ)