MEDIA RELEASE: Taranaki supports activists on drill-ship

News has just broken that about seven Greenpeace activists including actress Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) have boarded the drill-ship Noble Discoverer in the Port of New Plymouth.

The ship is destined for the Arctic where the Shell plan to drill for oil in fragile indigenous peoples territory which is home to the polar bear, narwhal, Arctic fox and other iconic species. An oil spill in such a pristine environment is unacceptable. The activists have gear to last many days and hope to stop the ship leaving port.

“Just as Greenpeace has been supporting us, Climate Justice Taranaki send our love and solidarity to the courageous Greenpeace activists taking a stand in the Port of New Plymouth today against the destruction of pristine natural environments and an industry that is contributing to climate change.” said spokesperson Urs Signer.

Read Lucy’s blog on why she’s up there:


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