MEDIA RELEASE: Councils, consents, and a ‘fractured’ future for New Zealand


Climate Justice Taranaki urges councils to consider the full impacts of oil and gas extraction involving hydraulic fracturing (fracking), before granting consents. “Taranaki, East Coast, Canterbury, Southland and other regions targeted by aggressive industry campaigns are at grave risk of forever losing their clean water, green agriculture and valuable tourism revenues,” warns Emily Bailey of Climate Justice Taranaki.  Read the rest of this entry »

News Headlines (16-31 Jan 2012)


Cropping land gets official protection (Jan 30, Australia)

Fast-tracked oil consent bypassed mayor, public (Jan 29, NZ)

Anti-fracking group protest (Jan 26, NZ)

Has petroleum production peaked, ending the era of easy oil? (Jan 25, USA)

Bulgaria bans shale oil and gas drilling (Jan 18, Bulgaria)

Taranaki’s $860 million energy boost (Jan 18, NZ)

News Headlines (1-15 Jan, 2012)


NZ ‘likely Texas of the South’ (Jan 15, NZ)

Fracking in New Zealand (Jan 14, NZ)

Rena: Boom in place to protect coastline (Jan 11, NZ)

Dredging to double along Queensland coastline (Jan 11, Australia)

Study links fracking to health risks (Jan 10, Australia)

Maldives faces tides of change (Jan 7, Maldives)

Fracking will poison New York’s drinking water, critics warn (Jan 5, USA)

Method of preventing fracking-related earthquakes could cost $10M a pop (Jan 4, USA)