News Headlines (1-15 December 2011)

Add quakes to rumblings over gas rush (Dec 12, USA)

Drill ship’s departure may be the end of drill project  (Dec 10, NZ)

Tests reveal contaminated water near gas well  (Dec 10, Australia)

Fracking implicated in US water pollution (Dec 9, USA)

Outcry at plan to truck waste (Dec 8, NZ) – Post your comment online!

Significant oil find at Ngaere (Dec 7, NZ)

Durban climate talks deadlocked as ministers haggle (Dec 6, International)

Marae Investigate looks at fracking in NZ (Dec 4, NZ)

Battered ship leaks more oil (Dec 4, NZ)

Maritime NZ unit devoted to Rena (Dec 3, NZ)

Learning too late of the perils in gas well leases (Dec 1, USA)

Tighter regulations needed for coal seam gas (Dec 1, Australia)

Senate inquiry calls for halt to coal seam gas in Murray-Darling Basin (Dec 1, Australia)


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