MEDIA RELEASE: Was or is Taranaki fracking illegal?


A recent Official Information Act request by local group Climate Justice Taranaki (CJT) reveals that fracking and drilling now suddenly need a consent from the Taranaki Regional Council under the Resource Management Act (RMA). The climate group is investigating whether all the fracking and drilling of recent years therefore took place illegally. Read the rest of this entry »

News Headlines 20-30 Sept 2011


Trial tests whether ‘ecocide’ could join genocide as global crime (Sept 30, UK)

Industry heads put their case on fracking (Sept 30, NZ)

Gas leak under control (Sept 26, NZ)

Chief scientist issues call over climate (Sept 26, Australia)

Melting ice is Earth’s warning signal – and we cannot ignore it (Sept 25, UK)

Gas leak under control (Sept 26, NZ)

Council to switch to new firm for review (Sept 22, NZ)

Oil representatives dismiss legal challenge as stunt (Sept 20, NZ radio)

Parahaki in opposition to drilling and use of culturally important names for permits (Sept 20, NZ radio)

MEDIA RELEASE: Climate Justice Taranaki appalled by Govt’s Energy Strategy


nz-petroleum-permits-map 5Aug11 The Government’s new Energy Strategy 2011-2021 is a death knell to NZ’s clean, green and sustainable future.

“While Acting Minister Hekia Parata pays lip service to renewable energy and environmental responsibility for the so-called ‘benefit of all New Zealanders’, she commits to a wholesale sell off of our precious natural resources, leaving nothing but scraps and environmental degradation for our kids.” says Emily Bailey of Climate Justice Taranaki.

The current petroleum permit map (see left, from NZ PAM website) presents a grim picture of a country already carved up for the ever hungry fossil fuel industry. The annual Block Offers proposed for 2012 onwards will leave little room for top-grade nature-based tourism, organic agriculture, sustainable fishing and the clean air and healthy environment that we boast so much about. Many of these sectors are already suffering as the country’s clean, green ethic is being destroyed by ‘dirty’ big business. Read the rest of this entry »

News Headlines (1-12 September 2011)


Farmers fight to protect water (Sept 12, Australia)

Australia’s mining boom: fact or fiction? (Sept 7, Australia)

Is economic growth incompatible with sustainable development? (Sept 7, UK)

East coast drilling lifts job prospects (Sept 6, NZ)

Fracking stirs controversy in South Africa (Sept 2, S Africa)

Oil industry’s fracking spin exploits ignorance of citizens (Sept 2, NZ)

Oil, gas only part of our energy future (Sept 2, NZ)