News Headlines 14-31 August 2011

The UK’s lack of fracking regulation is insane (Aug 31, UK)

Govt accused of being obsessed with fossil fuels (Aug 30, NZ) – Read this!

The Government’s recently released Energy Strategy (Aug 30, NZ) – Must listen!

Carcinogens found in CSG project (Aug 28, Australia)

Open cast mine plan condemned (Aug 27, NZ)

Fracking will require approval says council (Aug 26, NZ)

How to talk to a climate sceptic (Aug 25, UK)

New rules for ocean oil exploration (Aug 24, NZ) Important!

Wyoming regulators exempt 146 ‘fracking’ chemicals from public disclosure (Aug 24, USA)

What tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline mean for climate change (Aug 23, USA)

Fonterra decision a blow to organic farmers (Aug 23, NZ)

Greens’ clean-up policy includes $500 million plans for water charges (Aug 22, NZ)

Four thousand aftershocks in six months (Aug 22, NZ)

Surfers fear mining’s effects (Aug 18, NZ)

Te Kaea – News from a Maori perspective (Aug 17, NZ) – Great TV coverage re Parihaka’s position on oil and gas

Shell joins oil search off Otago coast (Aug 17, NZ)

Shell admits risk of further North Sea oil spill (Aug 17, UK)

7 ways oil and gas industry is buying fracking policies (Aug 17, USA)

Ironsand deposits exceed estimates (Aug 16, NZ) – with online poll

Concerned about the use of fracking (Aug 16, NZ Radio) – Must listen!

Town mine ban may be tweaked (Aug 16, Australia)

New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals have produced a set of FAQ around the subject of fracking (Aug 15, NZ)

Letter of Position from Parihaka (Aug 14, NZ)


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