News Headlines 14-31 August 2011


The UK’s lack of fracking regulation is insane (Aug 31, UK)

Govt accused of being obsessed with fossil fuels (Aug 30, NZ) – Read this!

The Government’s recently released Energy Strategy (Aug 30, NZ) – Must listen!

Carcinogens found in CSG project (Aug 28, Australia)

Open cast mine plan condemned (Aug 27, NZ)

Fracking will require approval says council (Aug 26, NZ)

How to talk to a climate sceptic (Aug 25, UK)

New rules for ocean oil exploration (Aug 24, NZ) Important!

Wyoming regulators exempt 146 ‘fracking’ chemicals from public disclosure (Aug 24, USA)

What tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline mean for climate change (Aug 23, USA)

Fonterra decision a blow to organic farmers (Aug 23, NZ)

Greens’ clean-up policy includes $500 million plans for water charges (Aug 22, NZ)

Four thousand aftershocks in six months (Aug 22, NZ) Read the rest of this entry »

MEDIA RELEASE: Anadarko stopped for now in Taranaki


FROM: Climate Justice Taranaki

Climate Justice Taranaki, Greenpeace NZ and other groups and iwi fighting fossil fuel expansion in Aotearoa are celebrating this weekend at the announcement that Anadarko are postponing their Deepwater Taranaki exploration drill. Read the rest of this entry »

News Headlines 1-15 August 2011


Just hot air? Fracking Debate Stirs in South (August 15, NZ)

Everything you need to know about climate change – interactive (August 15, UK)

China orders petrochemical shutdown after protests (August 14, China)

Fracking debate heating up in NZ (August 13, NZ)

Report for Obama questions effectiveness of gas drilling regulations (August 12, USA)

Mayor stands up for oil industry (Aug 11, NZ)

There will be no hydro-fracking in the city – major (Aug 10, Canada)

Quake risk and fracking (August 9, NZ) -Please listen!

Public divided over fracking risk (August 9, NZ) Read what Karl Browne said

Resources make us ‘luckiest country’ (August 8, NZ)

Fraction too much fiction about fracking (August 8, NZ Herald) -Pls comment online!

Opponents say fracking risks water contamination (August 8, NZ Radio) -Must listen!

Oil drilling delay viewed as victory (August 8, NZ) Read the rest of this entry »