News Headlines 1-15 July 2011

Powering from the rooftops (July 15, Australia)

Fossil-fuel gains ‘come with risks’ (July 15, NZ)

Andhra Pradesh at the forefront of Indian ‘coal rush’ (July 14, India)

Climate change and extreme weather link cannot be ignored (July 14, NZ)

China halts drilling at leaking oil platforms (July 13, China)

Greenpeace report links western firms to Chinese river polluters (July 13, China)

Toxic chemicals used in oil hunt (July 13, NZ – Coverage on our media release)

Warming a debate with compelling facts (July 12, Australia)

Cities can help soak up carbon: study (July 12, UK)

Jellyfish force shutdown of power plants (July 11, Japan)

Drilling into New York’s Fracking Report (July 8, USA)

Council urged to open door (July 8, NZ)

Cougar given marching orders from Kingaroy (July 8, Australia)

Yellowstone river oil spill throws spotlight on ExxonMobile and regulators (July 7, USA)

UK’s two biggest solar installations start generating energy (July 7, UK)

France Becomes First Nation to Ban Fracking (July 6, France)

Melting ice caps open up Arctic for ‘white gold rush’ (July 4, UK)

Greenpeace chief leaves Arctic behind to back carbon tax (July 4, Australia)

Exxon oil spews into Yellowstone River (July 4, USA)

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