Press Release 10 June 2011

Opposition at oil and gas conference – Climate Justice Taranaki

Around 25 people gathered outside the ENEX oil and gas conference this afternoon to show opposition to the massive expansion of petroleum exploration across Aotearoa/New Zealand.

“We are concerned about our kaimoana and whether our great-great-grandchildren will still be able to gather seafood” said Maata Wharehoka, kaitiaki of Te Niho o Te Ati Awa at Parihaka.

“We are against the mass expansion of petroleum exploration in our area because of the damages of oil spills, toxic drill wastes and climate change” said Climate Justice Taranaki spokesperson Emily Bailey.

“We are tired of being locked out of the debate which is affecting our community and the planet in general via climate change. The council’s RMA process is a sham and no-one will tell us what chemicals they are putting in our water and on our farms. When we want to voice our concerns we’re locked out of the RMA consent process and left standing in the rain with our children and kaumatua behind security cordons” said Emily.

“I am not convinced that our authorities and the companies using hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) and deep well injection understand the true nature and scope of the aquifers in our region, to be able to tell us without a doubt that these extraction and waste disposal techniques definitely do not have the potential to contaminate our fresh water aquifers” said Kaitake Community Board member Teresa Goodin.

“Fracking has now been banned in France, South Africa, Quebec and several US states. Yet, companies are currently fracking in Inglewood and Stratford! It’s time for a fracking ban in New Zealand” said Teresa.

“These are the thieves who are stealing our resources” said Poutama kaumatua Haumoana White.


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