News headlines 1-15 June 2011

Construction to resume on parts of solar project (June 11, USA)

Anti-nuke protests in Japan, 3 months after quake (June 11, Japan)

Group plans to fight mining exploration (June 11, Australia)

Iwi ‘looking to invest in oil, gas exploration’ (June 11, NZ)

Protesters at ENEX oil and gas conference in New Plymouth today (June 10, NZ)

Experts describe NZ sitting on oil bonanza (June 10, NZ)

Deep Sea Drilling (June 9, NZ radio – make sure you listen to the end!)

Protesters focus on oil conference (June 8, NZ)

Deepwater Horizon partner may drill in NZ (June 8, NZ)

High-speed train gets green boost from two miles of solar panels (June 6, UK)

Natural gas is no climate change panacea, warns IEA (June 6, global)

Greenpeace activists force Arctic oil rig to stop drilling (June 4, Greenland)

Great news – permits rejected for Golden Bay/Nelson area:

Greywolf’s foiled prospects hailed (June 2, NZ)

New laws to be rushed through for NZ offshore while onshore laws still failing:

Laws to scrutinize offshore oil permits welcomed (June 2, NZ)

New Protection Laws set for oil exploration (June 2, NZ)

Environmental Protection Laws for the Ocean Announced (June 2, NZ)

Environmental Protection Authority Announced (June 2, NZ)

More fracking quakes reported in UK:

Blackpool earthquake tremors may have been caused by gas drilling (June 1, UK)

Second tremor in two months shakes local confidence (June 1, UK)