News Headlines (11-31 May 2011)

Great News! Plug pulled on Golden Bay mining (May 31, NZ)

CSG: a threat to us all (May 31, Australia)

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink (May 29, UK)

Shell’s battle for the heart of Ireland (May 29, UK)

What lies beneath (May 29, NZ)

Protesters eye oil, gas conference (May 28, NZ)

Gates shut in the gas lands (May 28, Australia)

Mining search cut after meeting iwi (May 25, NZ)

Norway plans billion-dollar clean energy initiative for poor (May 24, Reuters)

State freezes exploration licenses for new mining (May 21, NSW Australia)

Alarm at rig safety (May 21, NZ)

Kiwi climate change policy ‘close’ (May 20, NZ)

Coal seam gas highlights planning flaws. (May 18, Australia)

Chesapeake handed record fine for Pennsylvania gas drilling. (May 17, USA)

France to ban fracking of fossil fuels (May 11, Financial Times)


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