News Headlines (11-31 May 2011)


Great News! Plug pulled on Golden Bay mining (May 31, NZ)

CSG: a threat to us all (May 31, Australia)

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink (May 29, UK)

Shell’s battle for the heart of Ireland (May 29, UK)

What lies beneath (May 29, NZ)

Protesters eye oil, gas conference (May 28, NZ)

Gates shut in the gas lands (May 28, Australia)

Mining search cut after meeting iwi (May 25, NZ)

Norway plans billion-dollar clean energy initiative for poor (May 24, Reuters)

State freezes exploration licenses for new mining (May 21, NSW Australia)

Alarm at rig safety (May 21, NZ)

Kiwi climate change policy ‘close’ (May 20, NZ)

Coal seam gas highlights planning flaws. (May 18, Australia)

Chesapeake handed record fine for Pennsylvania gas drilling. (May 17, USA)

France to ban fracking of fossil fuels (May 11, Financial Times)

Rising Tide booklet on False Solutions


Hoodwinked in the Hothouse: False Solutions to Climate Change

This 28-page booklet provides a close-to-comprehensive overview of false solutions to climate change. Fifteen concise articles—complete with photos and illustrations—cover more than 20 false solutions to climate change, from Clean Coal to Biomass incineration, providing an easy-to-read introduction to the ever expanding market place of climate crisis technofixes.

Agriculture and Climate Change – Real Problems, False Solutions


Report published for the Conference of the Parties, COP15, of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen, December 2009. by Helena Paul, Almuth Ernsting, Stella Semino, Susanne Gura & Antje Lorch EcoNexus, Biofuelwatch, Grupo de Reflexion Rural, NOAH – Friends of the Earth Denmark, and The Development Fund Norway

Few would deny that agriculture is especially severely affected by climate change and that the right practices contribute to mitigate it, yet expectations of the new climate agreement diverge sharply, as well as notions on what are good and what are bad agricultural practices and whether soil carbon sequestration should be part of carbon trading. … Read more on EcoNexus website.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ GUIDE: “False Solutions To Climate Change”


Our planet is heating up at an alarming rate, threatening our very survival. What needs to be done is simple: The pollution and destruction of Earth must be stopped immediately. But instead, there is a lot of greed, false solutions and lies about how to save our future. It seems that leaders of the world are more concerned about making money than solving the climate crisis.

This is a quick guide to the truth about false solutions to climate change. Unfortunately, most of these false solutions are violating not only the law of nature but also Indigenous Peoples’ rights. Many of these so-called “solutions” to Climate Change are grabbing Indigenous Peoples land and devastating our planet. Download the guide from Earth Peoples website.

News Headlines (1-15 May 2011)


Wildlife the focus of oil clean-up exercise (May 13th, NZ)

New Zealand: Octanex receives consent for farmout of PEP 51906 to OMV (May 11th, NZ)

Twinkle, twinkle, damaged drill ship (May 11th, NZ)

Sabotage at seismic survey sites (May 10th, NZ)

Frack and ruin: the rise of hydraulic fracturing (May 6th, UK – must read!!)

Obama forms panel to improve fracking safety (May 5th, USA)

Anadarko, part owner of Deepwater Horizon well in Gulf of Mexico, sets to drill in NZ (May 4th, NZ – must read/listen!!)

Govt confirms that NZers will pay for oil spill (May 4th, NZ)

Farmers fight against coal seam gas industry (May 4th, Australia)

Large whale washes up on Taranaki beach (May 3rd, NZ)

Taranaki set for deep sea drilling (May 2nd, NZ)

MIT web tools help small landowners navigate gas leasing frenzy (May 1st, USA)

News Headlines (April 2011)


Enter the taniwha (NZ)

Gulf Seafood Radium Levels (USA)

South Africa halts gas ‘fracking’ plan (South Africa)

Dazzled by oil cash, leaders ignore perils (NZ)

Activists urge halt to deep-sea testing after penguin deaths (NZ)

Are Arkansas’ Natural Gas Injection Wells Causing Earthquakes? (USA)

Gas Drilling Emergency in Bradford County (USA)

Toxic Chemicals Injected Into Wells, Democratic Report Says (USA)

Protests across Aotearoa marke anniversary of the BP Gulf Oil spill (NZ)

Drilling halted by earthquake (UK)

Cook Islands Moves Toward 100% Renewable Energy (Cook Islands)