Submissions Needed by Tomorrow 29 July but OMV’s supplementary info is yet to be made public!


If you are concerned about OMV’s drilling program off the Taranaki coast, please submit to EPA to OBJECT its application. Consider these points for your submission:

1)      The drilling program will further threaten the survival of endangered marine mammals, notably the Maui’s Dolphin and Blue Whale.

2)      The risks to marine life, coastal ecosystems, fisheries, local livelihoods and economy are too great if a major oil spill occurs.

3)      The application and impact assessment do not meet all the requirements of the EEZ Act, notably assessment of cumulative effects on marine mammals (i.e. considering also the impacts from fishing and other current and planned petroleum and mineral exploration and mining activities in the area).

4)     The analysis on economic benefits ignore potential costs and opportunity loss.

5)     The need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition onto renewable energy to avert catastrophic climate change.

6)      Reservations on the composition of the Decision Making Committee, noting members’ expertise and particular members’ past interest.

Read CJT’s full submission here.

NOTEOMV has just provided supplementary information to be followed by a 2nd response (with more info) on 25 July which “will be made publicly available as soon as practicable

Make sure you tick the “Hearing” box and state in your submission that you may wish to address issues concerning OMV’s supplementary information made available after 29 July 2014 at the hearing.

Online submission closes Tue 29 July 2014

CJT media release: Taranaki’s first Oil/Gas marine consent – a death knell for marine mammals

Media release: Taranaki’s first Oil/Gas marine consent – a death knell for marine mammals


Maui Dolphin IWC protection mining Slooten OMV spill model map correctedAustrian oil giant OMV’s application to drill up to seven new wells from its Maari platform is the first oil/gas marine consent being processed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) under the EEZ and Continental Shelf Act.

“If approved, the operation will pave the way for more intensified oil and gas drilling offshore, jeopardising the already perilous existence of many of New Zealand’s marine mammals and seabirds”, said Catherine Cheung, Climate Justice Taranaki. Read the rest of this entry »

EPA info session re OMV Maari application, Taranaki – Thur 10 July

OMV New Zealand Ltd has been drilling in the Maari field 80km off South Taranaki. With the ceasing of the EEZ transitional provisions on 28 June 2014, a marine consent is required for the company to continue drilling past this date. The development drilling will involve drilling up to seven development wells. The EPA info session will cover the marine consent application, submission and hearing process. Meeting and submission details here.
Notably, OMV was responsible for two oil spills off Taranaki in Oct 2010, one reaching as far as the Kapiti Coast. Since then, we’ve learnt about the desperate situation of our endangered Maui Dolphin and a newly discovered feeding ground for Blue Whales in the South Taranaki Bight. Do we want more oil an gas drilling and seabed mining to threatened these already much endangered animals? Please go to the EPA meeting, learn about the OMV application and voice your concerns!

Media highlights (July 2014)


Why the next climate treaty is vital for my country to survive  (Guardian, 12 July)

A group representing half a billion Christians says it will no longer support fossil fuels  (Climate Progress, 11 July)

No-go areas for seeking oil/gas  (Gisborne Herald, 5 July)

Anadarko’s drill decision by October (Otago Daily Times, 5 July)

Dead whale washes up on beach  (stuff national, 4 July) – a blue whale on Tapuae Beach, Taranaki

Whales flee from military sonar leading to mass strandings, research shows  (Guardian, 3 July)

Oil exploration in Maui Dolphin Protection Zone  (Scoop Politics, 3 July) - Dr Slooten says that having observers on oil survey vessels are “virtually useless” and do very little to protect whales. “Overseas research has shown that observers on the seismic testing ships only see around ten percent of whales and dolphins in the area. … Seismic survey noise can be heard for at least 80 kilometres, but the observers can see whales and dolphins for only one or two kilometres, and then, only when they surface.”

Greens want landfarm inquiry widened  (Radio NZ, 3 July)

Waste water from energy extraction ‘triggers US quake surge’ (BBC, 3 July)

Invitation: What the Frack? June 2014


Mangahewa D 18-06-14-Flaring-smoke Rimutauteka rd cows FClark

Look at the huge gas flare with thick smoke coming out of Todd Energy’s Mangahewa-D wellsite, Rimutauteka near Inglewood, yesterday. Imagine the health effects on nearby residents and livestock. Photo by Fiona Clark, 18 June 2014.

Taranaki locals, if you are concerned about the oil and gas industry and want to find out more about its impacts and your rights, come to our Community Meetings this and next Sat 21st & 28th June 2014. Details here.

Media: Norfolk drilling pledge, TDN 23/06/2014.

Oil firm’s PR fluff, TDN 25/06/14;  Not the good oil, TDN, 26/06/14

MEDIA RELEASE: Celebrating EPA decision


mining-protest“We are absolutely thrilled that the Environmental Protection Agency made the right decision and declined Trans-Tasman Resources’ marine consent application to mine the South Taranaki Bight for iron ore” says Urs Signer, member of Climate Justice Taranaki. Read the rest of this entry »

Media Highlights: 9-30 June 2014


Banners against drilling in Maui’s habitat  (NZ Herald, 28 June)

Govt to look into stock on landfarms  (Radio NZ, 27 June) - CJT mentioned

Govt opens Maui’s dolphin area for oil drilling  (TV 3News, 17 June)

Oil discovered near Greymouth  (TV One News, 14 June)

Any climate change deal now too late for Kiribati – President Tong  (Radio NZ, 11 June)

Norwegian oil giant eyes Northland coast (NZ Herald, 9 June)


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